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Large B&W Board 40x30.5cm

Product code: BBD-06
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Our retail display chalkboards are perfect for marking up all your prices, ideal for Soap shops, or any craft endeavour. Perfect for artisan restaurants and deli's, pubs (those craft beers). Clearly labelled and priced products in an arty way can only boost your image and sales.

We also have Dustless Chalk available, and for really detailed work use the amazing Fine Art Chalk Pen - essential to make your chalked up prices just dandy. Of course if you want to retail these things there are a hundred social uses from weddings to door plaque messages your customers can use them for.

NB - Chalkboards are pretty cool and retro but if you really want to be mod, then just flip them over - on the reverse is a whiteboard (BBD-04 - BBD-08) for use with erasable markers.
Origin China
Unit weight 0.015Kg
Unit dimensions 5x40x30 (cm), 6L, 0.003Kg/L
Barcode 5055796556076
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