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Bamboo Chimes 4 big Tubes

Product code: BBamC-01
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Bamboo chimes 4 big tubes, these wholesale Bamboo Wind Chimes will add a bit more character to any garden.  A decorative piece that can be displayed in your store, It is a lovely looking decor product that would suit both an indoor and outdoor atmosphere. These beautiful bamboo wind chimes have been handcrafted in Indonesia using sustainable bamboo and it produces a beautiful sound that brings tranquility to any garden.

Great value enabling you to have enough margin, below are displayed our recommended retail price, but you can easily sell these wind chimes for up to £25 each

-Environmentally friendly
-Elegant, Natural, Beautiful
-Durability and Stability
-Integrally involved in culture and arts
-Bamboo is a resource that has been used for centuries.

Order today and watch them chime out of your store. 

Origin Indonesia
Unit weight 0.618Kg
Unit dimensions 60x48x15 (cm), 43.200L, 0.014Kg/L
Barcode 5055796510009
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