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20x Racing No.1

Product code: HotFixB-15
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Our Racing No.1 Sticker  would be the perfect addition to your store. 

Your customers will be able to DIY any piece of clothing they have, which is amazing. We have several types of iron clothing stickers available wholesale. 

They will spice up your customers clothes. Just imagine...if you’re bored with a denim vest, or pair of jeans or denim cutoffs, you can stick this lovely sticker on it and they’ll feel new.

They are a somewhat cool statement, a great design for children's or your own personalised clothing. 

How easy could it be to have own designed clothes with such a wide choice of your Hotfix patches. No sewing required.

Order some today and sit back to watch them fly off of your shelves.

Origin China
Unit weight 0.005Kg
Unit dimensions 10.5x5.5 (cm)
Fabric sticker embroidery badge patch
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