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Purple Floral - aprx 30 pieces

Product code: HotFix-01
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We have great range of wholesale iron clothing stickers available now. Look around every shop has to have the piece of clothing with those on. Let your customers to create their own. 2016 hot trend you must have.

Great designs for children's or your own personalised clothing. How easy could it be to have own designed clothes with such a wide choice of AW Hotfix Stickers? No sewing required...

Spice up your customers clothes. Just imagine...if you’re bored with a denim vest, or pair of jeans or denim cutoffs, you can just pin tons of badges or even sew patches onto them and they’ll feel new.

They are a somewhat cool statement. Great designs for children's or your own personalised clothing. 

Sizes are approx: 5-6 cm

Origin China
Unit weight 0.005Kg
Unit dimensions 10x6 (cm)
fabric sticker embroidery badge patch
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