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ExerScrub - Starter Pack

Product code: ExerS-ST
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A relaxing yet refreshing starter pack of all aromatherapy exer soaps.

May visibly smooth and improve the skin’s texture and could help boost circulation. An intensive exfoliating soap and scourer that instantly deep cleanses and could help stimulate circulation, improving skin tone. Aromatherapists claim that regular use can help break toxins in the skin, reducing the build-up of fatty deposits that create uneven skin texture.

1. Unwrap Soap
2. Secure Velcro
3. Soak ExerScrub
4. Scrub Vigorously

Jute is a natural bast fibre, a vegetable fibre composed of cellulose - the main building material of all plants. Like all natural fibres Jute is 100% biodegradable.

Starter Pack includes:

ExerS-ST ExerScrub Soap Starter Pack 
6x ExerS-01
6x ExerS-02
6x ExerS-03 
6x ExerS-04 
6x ExerSR-01 
6x ExerSR-02 
6x ExerSR-03 
6x ExerSR-04 
1x RDS-120 Display Stand FREE
Origin United Kingdom
Unit weight 1.462Kg
Unit dimensions
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