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12x Apple Spice Simmering Granules

Product code: SG-A4
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An ideal way to refresh your home is to warm a couple of teaspoonfuls of simmering granules in an oil burner or vaporiser.

Make the best of aromatherapy as well with these granules that are infused with fragrances like lavender (restful, calming), eucalyptus (stimulating, antibacterial), jasmine (inspiring, comforting), frankincense (uplifting), rose (romantic), and more.

Simmering Granules are normally used in oil burners, but are less messy as they don't need oil or water. Just put a spoonful of granules in the burner and replace them when they're used up.

Chase away cigarette odour by placing a few granules in ashtrays; freshen bathrooms and closets with a little bowl of granules, use them like potpourri. Wherever you'd like your favourite fragrance, just simmer some granules.

Origin United Kingdom
Unit weight 0.200Kg
Unit dimensions
Barcode 5055796531769
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