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These cotton prints are real works of art.
Full of symbolic meanings taken from ancient Indian traditions and gods.
Don’t confuse with cheap mass produced machine printed items. These have strong vibrant colours (black is very black), vivid exotic designs and decorated with hundreds of hand stitched sequins that give these pictures an added dimension.
Craft produced in Japuir using traditional methods and skills - we are delighted to offer these real works of art.
Ideal  for interior designers - the rich colours are great for scheme inspiration.

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CottA-011x Lakshmi - Goddess of Prosperity (OoS)
CottA-021x Durga - Protector Goddess of Mankind (OoS)
CottA-031x Hanuman - Monkey God (OoS)
CottA-041x Traditional Teapot & Lovers Print (OoS)
CottA-051x Indian Buddah on Lotus Flower (OoS)
CottA-061x Village Well Scene
CottA-071x Rajasthan Dance Scene
CottA-081x Krishna - source of all other avatars (OoS)
CottA-091x The Taj Mahal (OoS)
CottA-101x Ganpati - Elephant God (OoS)
CottA-111x New Lakshmi - Goddess of Prosperity (OoS)
CottA-121x Buddah (OoS)
CottA-131x New Ganpati - Elephant God (OoS)
CottA-151x Fairy Tree (OoS)
CottA-181x The Zodiac (OoS)
CottA-201x Multi Ying Yang in B & W (OoS)
CottA-211x Dragon Castle in B & W (OoS)
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Cotton Art Prints
Dimensions approx 70x100cm
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