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Xlarge Bamboo Tri-Candle - Red

Product code: BBamb-16
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Small: 40cm Med: 60cm Lrg: 80cm

Special Offer 50% off - Bamboo Mountain Candles have various cracks, (when wood dehydrates it often split).

Burning Time: approx 10 hours

This range of wholesale Bamboo Mountain Candles is a lovely looking decor piece that would suit both an indoor and outdoor environment. Just the perfect decoration for any home, office or spa.

Why use a Bamboo Mountain Candle?
* It is a great addition to shops selling decorative items
* Ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting
* It is modern and elegant
* You can have many designs using various models and make your own natural, romantic or spa feel...
Origin Indonesia
Unit weight 3.400Kg
Unit dimensions 7.0x9x80 (cm), 5.040L, 0.675Kg/L
Barcode 5055796554799
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