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Botanical Candles - Starter

Product code: BOTC-ST
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Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Botanical Candles Starter Pack to your shop. It is worth over £475 at retail value and you will get 36 of Botanical Candle Holders worth £88.20 for FREE

Botanical Candles are made with soybean wax, which is a renewable resource and 3% fragrance oil. It will burn longer than most paraffin wax candles and with a clean almost smokeless flame. 

Botanical Candles are presented in round ceramic jars that can be reused,  bar-coded and packaged nicely in a presentation box. Each candle contains a wooden wick instead of a traditional wick

This Starter Pack Includes:

6x Med Botanical Candles - Japanese Garden

6x Med Botanical Candles - Mullberry Harvest

6x Med Botanical Candles - Lemon Honeysuckle

6x Large Botanical Candles - Victorian Peony

6x Large Botanical Candles - Wild Jasmine

6x Large Botanical Candles - Marsh Viola

36x Iron Botanical Candle Holder - FREE

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