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Boxed Aromatherapy Set TOP 6

Product code: Abox-St01
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Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Boxed Aromatherapy Set with 6 Essential Oil bestsellers to your shop and save 10%.

1x Abox-03 Mango Aromatherapy Box - Floral (holds 6)

1x EO-01 10 ml Lavender Essential Oil

1x EO-10 10 ml Patchouli Essential Oil

1x EO-02 10 ml Tea Tree Essential Oil

1x EO-09 10 ml Sandalwood Amyris Essential Oil

1x EO-04 10 ml Peppermint Essential Oil

1x EO-06 10 ml Ylang Ylang I Essential Oil

Please Note: When you buy an aromatherapy kit in a box, the oils will be packed separately from the box to avoid damage.  

Size of the box: Lenght 11cm, Width 8cm, Height 8cm

Unit weight
Unit dimensions
MSDS Lavender Oil MSDS
MSDS Lavender Oil - Allergens
MSDS Lavender Oil - IFRA 48th
MSDS Tea Tree Oil MSDS
MSDS Tea Tree Oil Allergens
MSDS Tea Tree Oil IFRA 48th
MSDS Peppermint Oil MSDS
MSDS Peppermint Oil Allergens
MSDS Peppermint Oil IFRA 48th
MSDS Ylang Ylang I Oil MSDS
MSDS Ylang Ylang I Oil Allergens
MSDS Ylang Ylang I Oil IFRA 48th
MSDS Sandalwood Amyris Oil MSDS
MSDS Sandalwood Amyris Oil IFRA 48th
MSDS Sandalwood Amyris Oil Allergens
MSDS Patchouli Oil MSDS
MSDS Patchouli Oil Allergens
MSDS Patchouli Oil IFRA 48th
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