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4x Incense Cone Smoke Box 6" - Mango Wood

Product code: ISH-170M
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Incense cone boxes, Wholesale Incense holders. Imported from India. We deal with a number of companies all of which produce wood-wares in the city of Saharanpur in Northern India.

This area of India still faces significant infrastructure problems, electricity is intermittent, transport and roads are poor. As a result, supplies are particularly erratic.

However the region has a proud artisan history of producing beautiful woodware and we are proud to support this industry by importing several containers a year of wholesale woodware, a favourite of which is the incense holder in so many forms.

Thank you for making us your Wholesale Incense holders supplier. Your custom and support are really appreciated.

Great value, many designs to choose from. Order today.

Origin India
Unit weight 0.144Kg
Unit dimensions 15x5x5 (cm), 0.375L, 0.384Kg/L
Mango Wood
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