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6x Stilbite Combination with Appophyllite 20-30mm

Product code: MinSp-03
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Apophyllite Crystals can help to increase intuition, connect with guides, and practice remote viewing and astral travel. 

Apophyllite can help to plan for the future with certainty, despite any negative past experiences.  It can regulate bodily functions and improve memory.

Apophyllite is useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It increases mental stability.

Stilbite can be used to treat loss of taste, Brain disorders, strengthen ligaments. Also used to fix pigmentations of skin, and to counteract poisoning by providing for enhanced toxin removal capabilities.

Sizes: 20-30mm

Weight 12g-25g

Origin India
Unit weight
Unit dimensions
Barcode 5055796593132
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