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Golden Nag Champa Starter - Whitewash

Product code: Goldnc-STWhite
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Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Golden Nag Champa Stater Pack to your shop, you will get the top 9 Fragrances of Nag Champa Incense sticks, 27 boxes in total, each of box contain 12 packs of incense and you will also get a FREE display stand valued at £45. This starter is worth over £540 at retail value. 

Display stands are designed to be at the heart of a contemporary gift shop: well thought out, well made and surprisingly affordable. The look is modern and uncluttered.

Come in the box with two parts, provided with screws to fit the bottom and top shelf, very easy to assemble. The Display stand also has a hook on the back to fit the wall.     

The starter pack includes:

FREE 5 Shelf Display - Whitewash

3x GoldNC-01 Golden Nag - CHAMPA

3x GoldNC-02 Golden Nag - CHANDAN

3x GoldNC-03 Golden Nag - PATCHOULI

3x GoldNC-04 Golden Nag - MEDITATION

3x GoldNC-05 Golden Nag - FOREST

3x GoldNC-09 Golden Nag - DARSHAN

3x GoldNC-10 Golden Hit Masala

3x GoldNC-11 Golden Buddha

3x GoldNC-12 Golden Vanilla

1x MCIH-02 24x Ceramic Incense Holder - Buddha (asst cols)

1x MCIH-04 24x Ceramic Incense Holder - Frangipani (asst cols)

Buy now to create the ultimate incense display in your store.  

Origin Indonesia
Unit weight 34Kg
Unit dimensions 40x56.0x180 (cm), 403.200L, 0.084Kg/L
Albesia Wood, Incense, Ceramic
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