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Soywax Melts Jar Starter

Product code: SWMJ-ST
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Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Soywax Melts Jar Starter Pack to your shop. It is worth over £400 at retail value and you will get a FREE Display Stand. What better way to display your products than on this beautiful hand-made display.    

Wooden Display Stands are designed to be at the heart of a contemporary gift shop, well thought out and well made, the feel is modern and uncluttered. The shelf system is constructed entirely of durable whitewashed Albesia wood. 

You will also get 10 of the best selling wax met, specially handpicked for you.  Ancient Wisdom Wax Melts Hearts contain no paraffin wax, so your room will smell of quality fragrance. 

In every jar, you will find 16 heart shaped wax melts, just pair them with Oil Burners from the starter pack.

Amazing Fragrances - Beautiful Colours - FREE Display Stand

This Starter Pack Includes:

8x Elephants Oil Burners (4 assorted) 

1x FREE Five Shelf Display - Whitewash  

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Tuberose

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Banana Rush

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Dark Patchouli

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Coffee Trader

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Peachy Cool

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Dark Sandalwood

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Classic Rose

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Nagchampa

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Apple Spice

6x Soywax Melts Jar - Japanese Magnolia

Buy now to create the ultimate Wax Melt Display in your store. 

Please note: For export orders, the shipping of the stand will be charged separately.  We will provide a quotation.

Origin China
Unit weight 32Kg
Unit dimensions 13x93x100 (cm), 120.900L, 0.265Kg/L
Wood Display, Ceramic, Soy Wax, Fragrance Oils, Glass Jar
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