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Back Flow Incense and Burners Starter

Product code: Backf-ST
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Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Backflow Incense Burners Starter to your shop. It is worth over £250 at retail value and you will also get a Backflow Incense Cones on this starter.  

Backflow Incense Burner is specially designed to create smoke that cascades downwards, pouring dramatically down the tower with a stunning effect that will catch your customer's eye.  Once you have lit your incense cone, it will begin to smoke, the incense is heavier than air and it will fall dramatically in swirls and twists, through the hole and down over the item, to pool at the bottom. It is incredible to watch and very relaxing. Ancient Wisdom Backflow Incense Burner is suitable for home, office, teahouse, meditation, yoga studio.

UnitsCodeUnit nameOffer
24BackFI-01Tub of Assorted Back  Flow Incense Cones (approx 45)10%
3BackF-01Back Flow Incense  Burner - Hand & Lotus Flower10%
3BackF-02Back Flow Incense  Burner - Small Pebbles10%
3BackF-03Back Flow Incense  Burner - Large Pebbles into Pool10%
3BackF-04Back Flow Incense  Burner - Split Bamboo Fountain10%
3BackF-05Back Flow Incense  Burner - Bamboo & Pool10%
3BackF-07Back Flow Incense  Burner - Round to Square10%
3BackF-08Back Flow Incense  Burner - Large Pools to Pools10%
1BackF-InfoBack Flow Burners A3  PosterFREE
Origin China
Unit weight 3.200Kg
Unit dimensions
Ceramic, Incense
Attachment Info-Card
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