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Green Man Soap Starter Pack

Product code: GMSoap-ST
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This amazing starter pack of Green Man Soaps offers you great margins with all necessary tools to sell your customers the perfect soap. Wholesale Greenman Soaps are SLS and Paraben Free and this starter pack comes with free Ingredients Labels and Plastic Sheets.

GMSoap-0112xGreenman Soaps - Gardener's Scrub-10%
GMSoap-0212x Greenman Soaps - Morning Fresh-10%
GMSoap-0312x Greenman Soaps - Gentle & Kind-10%
GMSoap-0412x Greenman Soaps - Night Time-10%
GMSoap-0512x Greenman Soaps - Spot Attack-10%
GMSoap-0612x Greenman Soaps -  Manly  Man-10%
GMSoap-0712x Greenman Soaps - Bath Bar Deluxe-10%
GMSoap-0812x Greenman Soaps - Cool & Calm-10%
GMSoap-0912x Greenman Soaps - Golden Argan-10%
GMSoapLB-01One Sheet of 15  Labels - Gardener's ScrubFREE
GMSoapLB-02One Sheet of 15 Labels - Morning FreshFREE
GMSoapLB-03One Sheet of 15 Labels - Gentle & KindFREE
GMSoapLB-04One Sheet of 15 Labels - Night TimeFREE
GMSoapLB-05One Sheet of 15 Labels - Spot AttackFREE
GMSoapLB-06One Sheet of 15 Labels - Manly ManFREE
GMSoapLB-07One Sheet of 15 Labels - Bath Bar DeluxeFREE
GMSoapLB-08One Sheet of 15 Labels - Cool & CalmFREE
GMSoapLB-09One Sheet of 15 Labels - Golden ArganFREE
HMS-32Waxed Paper Sheets for Soap (appx 500)
Origin United Kingdom
Unit weight 12Kg
Unit dimensions 40x40x40 (cm), 64L, 0.188Kg/L
Soaps, Kraft Box, Kraft Labels, Plastic Sheets
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