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Chipstone Necklaces and Bracelets Starter

Product code: AWCN-ST
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Maximize your sales by adding this amazing Necklaces and Bracelets Chipstone Starter Pack to your shop. It is worth over £500 at retail value and you will get TWO FREE JEWELLERY DISPLAYS. What better way to display your jewellery than on these beautiful displays.   

You will also get Quality Velvet Pouch and jewellery boxes for you to create your own gift sets with Necklaces and Bracelets. 

The medium necklace display stand is made from natural polyurethane, hand finished to showcase necklaces, pendants and other fashion jewellery. 

These pinnable polyurethane forms are wrapped tightly with twisted natural paper to give a smart and striking natural rattan effect which contrasts with the jewellery to added style and sophistication. The compartment display tray is perfect for countertops, glass cabinets and other shop floor displays.

The luxurious velvet that has a small amount of stretch and is soft to the touch. Jolly posh a little bit gothic and will make any product look extra special. 

This Starter Pack Includes:

Natural Jewellery Display Stands

1x NatJD-06 Med Necklace Display - Coffee FREE

1x NatJD-14 Twenty-four Compartment Display Tray FREE

Jewellery Boxes

12x JFB-02 Necklace Box - Plaid Assorted

12x JFB-04 Bracelet Box - Hearts Assorted

Quality Velvet Pouches

25x QVP-01 Quality Velvet Pouch - Black 10x12cm

6 Top Bestsellers Chip Stone Bracelets (72 in total)

12x AWCB-04 Chipstone Bracelet - Black Agate

12x AWCB-12 Chipstone Bracelet - Coralite Stone

12x AWCB-06 Chipstone Bracelet - Tiger Eye

12x AWCB-08 Chipstone Bracelet - Opalite

12x AWCB-10 Chipstone Bracelet - Sodalite

12x AWCB-11 Chipstone Bracelet - Aventurine Green

Chipstone and Bead Necklaces (36 in total)

3x AWCN-01Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Smoky Quartz

3x AWCN-02 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Opal

3x AWCN-03 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Black Agate

3x AWCN-04 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Tiger Eye

3x AWCN-05 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Lapis

3x AWCN-06 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Red Coral

3x AWCN-07 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Turquoise

3x AWCN-08 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Amethyst

3x AWCN-09 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Orange Coral

3x AWCN-10 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Jade

3x AWCN-11 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Rose Quartz

3x AWCN-12 Chipstone & Bead Necklace - Red Agate

Buy now to create the ultimate Jewellery Display in your store.  

Origin China
Unit weight 2Kg
Unit dimensions 28.0x21x12 (cm), 7.056L, 0.283Kg/L
Jewellery: Chipstones and Beads, Jewellery Bag: Velvet, Necklaces Display: Plastic, Jewellery Box: Cardboard
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