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Earrings - Bravery Leaf - Silver

Product code: POT-13A
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These Wholesale Bravery Leaf Jewellery Earrings in Silver are made with real leaves, using a specialist method to give them a beautiful metal coating. As these are real leaves, not one product is exactly the same so every piece bought is unique to the customer!

These are the perfect romantic gift or fashion accessory for those who are looking to express their individuality and connection with nature.

There are sets of leaf jewellery that hold both earrings and a necklace in a fashionable box. These can also be sold sold as a set with a necklace, found in the leaf jewellery section.

The earring pendant dimensions are approximately 4x2 (cm)

Show your customers the true power of trees; stock up and grow revenue today!

Origin China
Unit weight 0.006Kg
Unit dimensions 4x2 (cm)
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