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60x Wisdom Stone

Product code: Mrock-02
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Wholesale Message Stones. Say it like you mean it, give your friends and loved ones an engraved rock.  Or at least your customers can   

Ready to retail in sturdy vintage boxes. Sixty large stones presented in selections of six scentiments per display box. You can retail for around £2 per rock, and if you wish; sell the display box (RRP £18). So one display box including rocks can return up to £140. 

The stones are natural river stones each one hand engraved in Black or Gold script. Every stone is therefore unique. 

Pair with velvet bags to make a perfect gift, an alternative to a gift card maybe, and one the recipient can treasure forever. A rock and a velvet bag can retail for £3 adding value and delighting your customers.

Rock your sales. Stock up today.

Origin China
Unit weight 0.050Kg
Unit dimensions 3x4x0.5 (cm), 0.006L, 8.333Kg/L
River Stone
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