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5x Wise Words - Many People Have Eaten Here

Product code: WWJS-08
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Wise Words Many People Have Eaten Here, check out these wise word scrolls. Complimentary colours and designs enable you to make an eye catching and humorous display.
Guaranteed to make your customers smile.

The range has been carefully designed to appeal to all types with slogans for office, kitchen, home etc and cunningly devised to make perfect fun gifts. Cheap! Great value you can sell at £3 each or with discounts (buy our starter) and sell at £3 each or 3 for £6. Check the profit margin you will also be smiling :)

Ideal for your tourist customers because they roll up for travel and no weight issue. And likewise great for drop shipping - easy and cheap to post. Compared to other slogan giftware this is a very low cost item and being screen printed on eco-friendly jute, you are even been kind to the earth. So roll out this fun profit opportunity in your shop today.
Origin India
Unit weight 0.065Kg
Unit dimensions
Barcode 5055796568383
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